Development Overview

Get an overview of the Xano development platform. This goes through a high level view of core components, frameworks, frontend components, the template engine, and system management.

Template Engine

The template engine is a very powerful component that is used to generate web pages. This consists of variables, conditions, loops, macros, layouts, functions, filters, etc. Included here is detailed information about each feature along with example usage.

Data Requirements

Data Requirements are a new approach to web page development. Included here is a tutorial on creating several data requirements of various complexitiy, naming conventions, and a complete list of the data requirements of the Xano platform.

API Queries

API Queries provide a way to interact with the system remotely through standard HTTP requests. Each API query has the ability to deal with proper authentication, input processing, data processing, and output handling.

New technology to bridge the gap between simplicity and flexibility.