Version Control

Built-in revision history allows you to easily keep track of all of your changes and never worry about accidentally removing something.



Modify the Xano platform without editing it. Use your creative freedom without worrying about backwards compatibility with updates.


Mobile friendly

Integrated device detection lets your application adapt to different environments. Leverage responsive layouts or seperate websites.


Content Management

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our built-in content management gives you complete control over your content, so you can focus what's important.


Developer Marketplace

Choose from a wide variety of community and commercial extensions and easily add them to your project with one-click installs!


Server Management

Keep things simple with one server, or add as many as you want and choose how to partition your application across each of them.

Our Features

Advanced technology included with Xano.

Data Requirements

The holy grail of web development! Backend code doesn’t need to be complicated. This new technology lets you drag and drop requirements to your web project and have the data automatically available in your template code. Get a 10,000ft view of your web property by seeing what is executing on each component of your project.

Release Management

Take control of your product release cycle. Leverage multiple source-code repositories to keep your components completely separated. Our package installer scans each directory, collapses them together, and outputs a finished product. With our version control system nothing is ever lost. You will always be able to rollback to any previous build.

Load Balancing

Xano was built with load balancing in mind from its conception. It is a core component of the platform, and therefore easy to setup across multiple servers or 3rd party CDN services. This is a platform that scales with your business growth.

Template Engine

Xano projects leverage a powerful templating language. This allows a clear separation between your frontend and backend application layer. You can safely make changes to your HTML, Javascript, and CSS files without the worry of having to tiptoe around any complex backend source code.