Introducing Xano

Launch a robust, API-powered backend that is secure and documented in minutes ⚡

Build an API in minutes. Customize the output in a few clicks.

Go to market faster

Whether you're building an on-demand service like Uber or a complex facted flight search engine like Kayak, Xano provides a battle-tested point and click interface that allows anyone with basic technical ability to build a flexible, scalable backend for any application in a fraction of the time.

Data served any way you want

We take the simplicity of a headless CMS and combine it with the power of a GraphQL-like query builder to make it easy for you to consume and output data exactly how you want. We make data relationships and computed/aggregated fields a snap.

Documented by default

Xano automatically generates API documentation for you. This not only makes it easy for you to get a 50,000 foot view of your application, but to collaborate with other engineers on your project.

We'll take care of the hard stuff

Tired of debugging in the console? Xano takes care of dev-ops work so you can focus on product. Here's what's included:

Admin Panel

A modern CMS that makes it dead-simple to configure your APIs and mange their outputs. We're also working on a way to generate test-data so you don't have to enter your own.

Plugin Marketplace

Xano comes with a set of plugins that handle Emails, payments, analytics and more. You can even write your own and share it the community.

Events & Webhooks

Xano architecture allows you to inject 1st or 3rd party actions before, during or after an event takes place. We really don't want you to write code, but if you must, we'll allow it.

Trusted Architecture

The Xano Platform is great for every part of the development lifecycle from the beginning and at scale. Xano leverages PostgreSQL to provide a trusted and flexible database and Redis is deployed on each instance for caching. All this is securely hosted on the trust and reliability of Amazon servers.

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